Maria (マリア?) is a small girl who is around ten years old. She only appears in Skies of Arcadia: Legends for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Ever since Maria witnessed Ramirez kill her father, she has been unable to speak. She lives with Doc on a little ship and has a little bird named Piccolo as a pet. As Piccolo only eats Moonfish, Doc asks Vyse if he can bring Moonfish to Maria in order to feed Piccolo. After Vyse feeds Piccolo for a while and Piccolo transforms, she will speak and thank Vyse for his efforts.

Piccolo's Departure[edit | edit source]

After 24 Moonfish are eaten, Piccolo grows to a large size and leaves Maria. Following Piccolo's departure, Piastol comes to Maria, as they had been sisters and had both lived in Valua until the death of their father.

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