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Moegi (モエギ?) is the princess of Yafutoma and is expected to marry Muraji, the son of soon-to-be-traitor Kangan.


Moegi is a very beautiful, sweet and noble young woman. She harbours much interest in Western societies and is very welcoming to Vyse's crew when the latter first landed in Yafutoma, serving as their primary caretaker during their stay in the guesthouse next to the palace. Though she appears fragile, she has a very strong will much like Fina and will not hesitate to stand up for herself. In the game's end sequence, she marries Enrique and becomes the Empress of Valua.



Upon being introduced to each other, Princess Moegi and Prince Enrique fall in love at first sight. Enrique is also the only one to note that the princess appears to be hiding some struggle she's not so keen on sharing (later revealed as the issue of marrying Muraji) After Vyse and his friends helps drive the Valuans out of Yafutoma and banish Kangan and Muraji, the emperor of Yafutoma and Daigo agrees to let Moegi go with Vyse's crew, and she joins the crew as a delegate.


When used in a ship battle, Moegi blocks all magic damage to the Delphinus for one turn; this ability costs 10 SP to use. If included in the Active Crew during the Blue Rogues special attack, Moegi heals the group surrounded by bubbles.