Unidentified ship commanded by Ramierez, as seen in its encounter with Rhaknam

Monoceros as seen leading the attack on Nazrad

The Monoceros is Ramirez's second flagship, from the 6th Fleet of the Armada.

Information[edit | edit source]

Before being given the Monoceros, Ramirez was in command of an unidentified Battleship and led the attack on Rhaknam. The Monoceros is first seen leading the attack on Nasrad, and later seen again during the attack on Cresent Island. The ships of the 6th Fleet, Monoceros included, are known to be built with engines capable of passing through sky rifts. The Monoceros is one of the few Valuan Flagships that are not fought in battle.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Monoceros is a faint constellation on the celestial equator. The name is Greek for "unicorn".
  • There is a small plothole surrounding the ship, as when Rhaknam is attacked, the ship seen attacking it is never named and was built in the style of other Valuan Battleships, yet Drachma says that it is Ramirez's ship; however, the Monoceros wasn't first named until its attack on Nasrad, and this is a completely different ship, one built in the style of the Delphinus. He may have just exchanged ships, as Alfonso and Galcian did.
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