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Enrique with 5 Moon Crystals

The Moon Crystals are concentrated Moon Stones with enough power to control and power the Gigas and, when combined, can break the seal holding Zelos. There is a different colored Moon Crystal for each Moon. Each Moon Crystal of a specified color controls its corresponding Gigas.

List of Moon Crystals[]

Red Moon Crystal[]

The Red Moon Crystal is found in the Temple of Pyrynn under the Red Moon.

Green Moon Crystal[]

The Green Moon Crystal is found in the temple at the top of Rixis under the Green Moon.

Blue Moon Crystal[]

The Blue Moon Crystal is found deep in Mount Kazai under the Blue Moon.

Purple Moon Crystal[]

The Purple Moon Crystal is embedded in Rhaknam.

Yellow Moon Crystal[]

The Yellow Moon Crystal is in possession of Yeligar in the Maw of Tartas.

Silver Moon Crystal[]

A piece of the Silver Moon Crystal lies in every Silvite, and as such, its powers can be harnessed when any piece of it is retrieved upon a Silvite's death.