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"An edible fruit fertilized by Moon Stones. Eating it will enable you to learn a technique."
— Item description

A Moonberry (月の実 tsuki no mi?) is a rare item that can be eaten by party members to learn Super Moves. They are used via the Super Move menu, not the Items menu.[1] Moonberries cannot be sold.

Moonberries can be found in certain treasure chests and are dropped by certain bosses. Every non-boss battle in the game also has a 1% chance of dropping a Moonberry. Towards the end of the game, some players opt to farm Moonberries in Looper Land to unlock all Super Moves.[2]

List of Moonberries[]

There are thirty-three Moonberries, although some are missable. As stated above, most players will end up with a handful more Moonberries than listed below due to the rare chance of them dropping at the end of each battle throughout the game.

# Treasure chest / Boss drop Missable Location Requirement
1 Boss drop Not missable Valuan Battleship Defeat Alfonso's war beast, Antonio.
2 Treasure chest Pirate Isle Open the stone tablet located to the left of Vyse's house (when facing it) to enter a secret alcove overlooking the underground docking area.
3 Missable Shrine Island In a hard-to-miss treasure chest. This chest cannot be accessed once Soltis is raised at the end of the game.
4 Boss drop Not missable Defeat the Sentinel boss at the end of Shrine Island.
5 Treasure chest Missable Lower City, Valua After taking the elevator down, follow the path and, after going down the second ladder, head behind the nearby barrels that hide a fork in the path. Follow the path inside a building and up the stairs.
6 Not missable Maramba, Nasr Take the Dhabu across to the southern part of town and descend the ladder in the corner. Follow this underground path to a ladder that leads back up to a blocked-off area in the northern part of town.
7 Temple of Pyrynn, Nasr In the second downhill corridor with the boulders, go into the alcove on the right and open the chest. Opening the chest triggers a fight with three Magma Tikis beforehand. A Cham can be found in the opposite (left) alcove.
8 Horteka, Ixa'taka Climb the pole in the center of the village and cross the gap using the wooden raft, which leads to the chest.
9 Boss drop Moonstone Mountain, Ixa'taka Defeat Alfonso's second war beast, Antonio 2.
10 Treasure chest Once Centime has been saved, he will fix the elevators. Either backtrack to the first elevator and take it down to find the chest, or complete the dungeon first to return to the beginning and then go to the first elevator from there.
11 Rixis, Ixa'taka In the upper half of Rixis, after getting off the second, lower elevator that moves in a loop between the two buildings, the chest is in the room to the right before going up the stairs.
12 Missable Crescent Isle While Vyse is stranded on the deserted Crescent Isle, go to the eastern cave and head left at the fork (right would take one to Gonzales' makeshift camp). Once Izmael completes construction of the base here, this chest is no longer present.
13 Not missable Daccat's Island While playing as Aika and Fina, this chest is located in the room after the revolving staircase that Vyse and Gilder can move. For reference, another chest with a Vidal Seed is nearby in the same room.
14 While playing as Vyse and Gilder, this chest is located in the room after the revolving staircase. For reference, another chest with two Risan Crystals, as well as a Moonfish, are in the same room, located very close to this chest.
15 Missable Grand Fortress, Valua In the Grand Fortress during Vyse's second escape from Valua; once the party have the Harbor Key and have saved Fina, head back down the elevator (the Fortress will rotate into defensive mode) and open the locked door. The chest is located one floor above; avoid the searchlights unless one wants to battle enemies. The player cannot return to the Grand Fortress once they leave.
16 Not missable Delphinus On the bridge of the Delphinus, this "chest", or compartment, is a white hatch on the starboard (right when facing the front) side of the bridge, almost set into the floor. For reference, Marco can be found in the opposite compartment.
17 Nasrad, Nasr Once Nasrad has been destroyed by Ramirez, on the right side of the city, check in the alley between the item and weapon shops that was previously blocked by crates of loqua.
18 Esperanza On the outskirts of the settlement, on the far eastern part of the beach. The chest is somewhat hidden from view by a narrow passageway around a small hill.
19 Dark Rift After entering the area with four vortexes along the sides (the same room the "Black Moon Stone" Discovery is located in), head through the leftmost one. The Moonberry is located in a chest inside the middle ship – there are three ships in this area – where Robinson, Polly's husband, is located nearby.
20 All "chests" in the Dark Rift (aside from the previous Moonberry) are derelict ships with their lights on. This Moonberry is located on an upside down ship in the final area of the Dark Rift; from entering the area with the "Black Moon Stone" Discovery, go through the vortex on the right side (another red, flashing vortex close to the left will take the player to the beginning of the dungeon).
21 Boss drop Yafutoma Defeat Jao and Mao in Yufatoma after exiting the Dark Rift.
22 Treasure chest In Yufatoma, take the tub ship/tub-boat from the western dock to the eastern dock, disembark, and raise the bridge on the western side. Get back on the tub-boat and take it past the now-raised bridge and disembark on the other side to reach the chest.
23 Mount Kazai, Yafutoma After filling up the central chamber using the four water switches and descending, continue onwards and following the path west, ignoring the intersection that leads south. If the player picks up the Cham, they've gone the wrong way.
24 Glacia After defeating the boss of the Glacia dungeon, Veltarn, ride the lift across the chasm and, before going through the doorway ahead, head to the right to find the chest.
25 After getting the Purple Moon Crystal and returning to Crescent Isle, return to Glacia with the upgraded Delphinus and enter the city from Lower Sky; the chest can be found immediately ahead, along with a Moonfish behind and to the left of the chest.
26 Maw of Tartas, Valua At the first split, go left (right leads to a "chest" with a Dexus Seed); at the second split, go left again to find the chest after a lengthy travel forwards. Like the Dark Rift, chests don't look like traditional treasure chests here; instead they resemble yellow crystals on the ground with a yellow highlight.
27 Dangral Island In a corridor there are six rooms branching off, four of which have chests and two containing a fight with four Praeses Elite enemies each. The Moonberry is located in the second room on the right.
28 Missable Great Silver Shrine After stepping in the beam of light, follow the path up the wall. Continue straight forward at the first four-way intersection and go left at the second (going straight would lead to a chest with Silver Armor). Follow this path around and it will lead to a split; forward is a dead end – turn right to reach the chest with the Moonberry; the path continues to the right of the chest.
29 In a chest in the Great Silver Shrine; from the previous Moonberry, continue along the path and turn right at the first split to go right-side up. Ignore the second split and keep going forward, following the long path upwards to an elevator. Take it upwards and then follow the path. Ignore the split (going left would lead to the end of this area) to find the chest at the end of this path.
30 Boss drop Not missable Dangral Island / Soltis Defeat the Eliminator boss.
31 Treasure chest Missable Hydra After climbing the ladder inside the Hydra and reaching the deck on top, head to the ladder on the right (the eastern-most ladder on the deck) and climb down. Back inside, slide down the pole on the right and head left to open the chest for the Moonberry (on the other side are three Sacrulen Crystals).
32 Not missable Soltis After entering the dungeon after exiting the Shrine Island section, follow the following directions: a left turn, a right turn up the ramp, go straight until one is in the inner circle, take a right turn, go straight down the ramp, take a left turn once one is in the outer circle, take a left turn again going down another ramp, take a right turn, go through the passage, take another right turn up the nearby ramp, and finally take yet another right turn. From here, go up the ramp to the right for a Cham or otherwise take the left turn into the next area. Move forward past this open corridor to the next area to reach a large circular area. Go around to the first teleporter and activate it. On the next floor, skip the second teleporter to find a door on the right. Go inside for the Moonberry.
33 After exiting the room with the chest with the previous Moonberry, head to the teleporter on Vyse's left and, once on the next floor, head through the nearby door for the last definite Moonberry in the game.