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The entrance to Moonstone Mountain.

Moonstone Mountain was a once sacred mountain located on a small island at the very southern end of Ixa’Taka. However, once Valua invaded Ixa'Taka, they took over the mountain and converted it into a mining stronghold where Ixa'Takan slave labor has been used to supply the Armada with Moonstones for airship fuel.


The mines themselves are of De Loco’s design. Many of the tunnels contain trap doors and if one were to fall through them, they would fall into a mine cart that takes them to a room containing a single slave. This room also has a fenced off area containing broken machinery; notices on the fence feature various threats and warnings from De Loco.

Most tunnels connect to a large room filled with metal catwalks. Players can go into first-person view to look down through them and see if any trap doors lead to an otherwise inaccessible area, or to another mine cart. Some areas of the mines contain prison cells. While most of them are empty, some contain a treasure chest, and two separate cells hold the kidnapped engineer Centime and the High Priest Isapa.

Valuan mine patrols, self-automated diggers, and various monsters roam the corridors of the mines, attacking any and all intruders on sight. These enemies remain in the mines even after the bulk of Valua’s forces withdraw from the area.



  • 3" Blaster


  • Some of the trap doors in the mines have circle and cross symbols on them; in Japan, these symbols mean yes/correct and no/wrong, respectively (in Moonstone Mountain, the reverse is true). This explains the Ixa'Takan slave's comment about how "a circle doesn't always mean it's the right way".
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