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Muraji (ムラジ) is an antagonist during the Yafutoma story arc. Along with his father Kangan, Muraji wishes to marry princess Moegi and seize control of Yafutoma, allying with the Valuan Armada in the process.


Muraji is fought on the bridge of the Delphinus while it is under his command, initially with three Soldiers at his side. He is the first of three consecutive boss battles, along with Vigoro's flagship and the blue Gigas; of the three boss battles, his is the only one that isn't a Ship Battle.


In-battle, Muraji can use the following battle commands:

  • Wevlum
  • Increm
  • Sacres
  • Quika
  • Call Allies: Muraji summons a new Soldier into the battle if fewer than three are present.

Note that Muraji never directly attacks the party physically, thus making his Attack stats a moot point.


When defeated, Muraji yields 3873 EXP and 1971 Gold, along with the EXP and Gold his Soldiers yield whenever they are defeated; he also drops 4 Magic Droplets. After he is defeated, the party can advance to the next battle.

Since defeating the Soldiers will prompt Muraji to summon more, ignore them at the start of the battle and focus all your attacks on Muraji himself. By now, Vyse should have access to Pirates' Wrath, which can down Muraji in one hit; otherwise, use Cutlass Fury. Muraji is highly susceptible to most status ailments, including Stone, so take advantage of Fina's Lunar Glyph if you're not confident in your ability to defeat him in one shot. After Muraji has fallen, take out the remaining Soldiers using whatever methods you wish.


HP Attack Defense Vigor Will Magic Defense Quick Agile Hit Percent Dodge Percent
3286 186 224 93 143 336 126 0 0 25