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"Imagine that... The once mighty Valuan Armada fooled by a boy! Hahahahaha!!!" - Nasultan

The Nasultan is the ruler of Nasrad who resides in the Royal Palace at the far end of the city. According to Gilder, the rulers of Nasr take on the title of Nasultan.

Before commencing his search for Daccat's treasure, Vyse goes to the Nasultan to warn him of Valua's plans to attack Nasrad. However, the Nasultan was quick to dismiss the warning, confident that the various mountains, sky rifts and maelstroms around the area would force the Valuans to attack from the north where the Nasr fleet was located. The Nasultan also felt that Vyse's victories against the Valuans was a sign that they were no longer a threat. Realizing that the Nasultan was too arrogant to take their warning seriously, Vyse and Gilder give up on trying to convince him and leave.

Naturally, the Nasultan's arrogance would lead to his downfall. The Armarda had modified their ships' engines, allowing the Armarda to pass through the sky rifts and attack from the south. Ramirez's fleet bombarded the city and the royal palace, and it is later mentioned that the Nasultan was taken hostage (along with his family) and was executed in the Coliseum.

Name Origins[]

Nasultan is derived from Sultan, an Islamic title of authority. It is also the name used for the Nasultan in the Japanese version.