The Oasis is a discovery in Skies of Arcadia. To find it, head southeast from Maramba. On the desert at the bottom of the mountains, just sail around until the compass begins to spin.


As shipbuilding developed and flight distances grew, the oasis in the middle of the desert lost some of its importance to travelers. But it is still critical to caravans on land routes, and remains lively as a center of trade and information.


The Oasis can be troublesome to find because of where it is located. It is in the extreme south-east region of the major Nasr desert, where the desert narrows to a thin strip on leading to cape victory and the south ocean. The Oasis discovery is located in the area of the desert just north of the valley formed by a large ridge on the west and the rock-wall mountains on the east. It is in the region that forms a crescent shape as it curves northward around the large round island at med-high elevation where the Sandfalls discovery is located.

The Oasis is located about a third of the way inwards from the coast, around the middle section of the crescent desert area. If the player has continued difficulty finding this discovery, they can do a south-to-north-to-south "mowing the lawn" style search pattern, heading north from the northern point of the shorter western valley ridge to the end of the crescent desert region following the coast, then turn back, move a little further inland, and cover the ground south, repeating. The oasis should be found around the second run north using this method.


  • Besides the discovery, there is also another "Oasis" mentioned in the game. As Vyse departs from Nasrad in search of the lost treasure of the legendary Air Pirate Daccat, Gilder reads the half-map of Gonzales', which mentions a "The City of the Sands". Gilder then infers that this "City" must mean to the precursor of Nasrad. This may mean that an Oasis was the location of the Old World equivalent of what is now capital of Nasr.
  • The Oasis discovery itself is most likely an entirely different landmark, completely unrelated to The City of Sands. The difference between the discovery and the past city is simple geography, with the City of the Sands said to have existed exactly where Nasrad is today, and "The Oasis" located on the polar opposite side of the lands under the red moon.
  • In the town of Maramba, there is a woman hauling water in a jar on her head whom tips off Vyse's party about the whereabouts of the Oasis Discovery after a certain point in the story. She is one of several NPC's who seed out Discovery information at various points in the game. She subsequently mentions that the Sailors' Guild would pay rather handsomely for its location.