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Pedro is a former sailor who traveled with his friend Gonzales.


During their travels, the two eventually came across a map to Daccat's Island, where the great air pirate Daccat had hidden all his treasure. Gonzales and Pedro split the map between themselves and promised to someday search for the treasure together. Soon after acquiring the map, the two came under attack by Black Pirates and were forced to abandon ship. While Pedro ended up in Nasrad, Gonzales ultimately ended up on a deserted island. Since then Pedro had remained in the city to wait for Gonzales, even though he knew he would probably never see his old friend again.


Pedro makes an appearance when Aika and Fina become stranded in Nasrad. They find him, tired and weakened from hunger, outside the Inn of the city on their way back from working at the tavern. They help him off the ground and take him in, earning his gratitude, and he tells them about his friend Gonzalez and gives them his half of Daccat's map as a way to thank them for their kindness. Despite some initial doubt about his story, Aika and Fina set out to find Daccat's Island and claim the treasure (and inadvertently reunite with Vyse).

It is unknown what happened to Pedro during Ramirez's attack on Nasrad.