Pinta (ピンタ?) is a boy full of pep found on Sailor's Island.


Pinta holds a dream of wanting to collect all the various items of the whole world, and so he goes on a grand voyage, item searching with his own ship. He wears a large wrench on his back and he bears a fish hook on his hat that looks exactly like the ones Polly and Anne wear as earrings. He is the youngest member of Vyse's crew, but he clearly has goals and a dream. In the Japanese version, he has a peculiar speaking style where he tends to end his sentences with, “-pin!”. He has a large amount of respect for Vyse, viewing him as great as the legendary air pirate Daccat.

At the end of the game, Pinta continues his search for more treasures and hopes to someday visit the moons.


To recruit Pinta, simply talk to him.


Pinta's role is "Delegate". Pinta's Crew Ability requires 10 SP to execute.When activated, he protects the ship from cannon fire for one turn. If included in the Active Crew during the Blue Rogues special attack, Pinta hit the foes with a Wrench. On Crescent Isle, Pinta could bring foreign animals to the base to enliven it.

In the Dreamcast version, Pinta can be dispatched for Pinta's Quest after talking to him for the first time at the weapons shop in Sailor's Island. While the items for his quest are available throughout the game, Pinta himself is unable to start on his quest in the Legends re-release.

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