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Pirate's Isle (空賊島?) is the headquarters for the Blue Rogues headed by Captain Dyne and the crew of his ship, the Albatross. Its nearest neighbor is Shrine Island, and is considered to be under the domain of the Silver Moon. (Oddly enough, the manual states that Pirate's Isle is under the domain of the Red Moon.)


On the surface, Pirate Island appears as a small peaceful settlement marked as Windmill Isle on maps. Here, the families of Dyne's crew live and work as normal people. Among other notable features are the windmill that gives the island its name (and serves as an alternate power source to open the gate for the underground port), a high lookout set up a long ladder, and a place for ordinary trading ships to dock. However, a hidden cavern within the island serves as a hiding place for the Albatross, as well as storage for the ship's maintenance tools and parts, a meeting room to plan raids and missions, and storage for their more ill-gotten gains.

During the course of the game, the Valuan Empire raids the island, burning the houses, destroying the Albatross, and capturing Dyne and his crew. Only Vyse, Dyne's son, and Aika, another young pirate, escape as they were away on a mission at Shrine Island. After Vyse and Aika free the Albatross crew, they return to help rebuild Pirate Island, as well as a new ship, the Albatross II.


Treasure Chests[]

Other Items[]

  • Purple MoonStone (from Dyne prior to Shrine Island)
  • Sacres Crystal ×2 (from Vyse's Mother prior to Shrine Island)
  • Silver MoonStone (comes with Fina)


  • Underground Dock
  • Lookout Island


  • Underground dock (story)


Zack’s Weapons[]

Erinn’s Items[]


  • There is a painting of Pirate's isle sitting behind Khazim's shop in the underground port at Crescent Isle. When Vyse sees it, he thinks of how he "beat" his dad by becoming a captain two years before he did.
  • This Area is also reference in Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg.