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Pirates' Wrath (ジョリーロジャー Jorīrojā) is the fifth and final Super Move that Vyse learns. It costs 4 Moonberries to learn and 21 SP to use.


Pirates' Wrath does damage to a single enemy equal to a normal physical attack multiplied by 7.5.[1]

Vyse unleashes his true power, showing his enemies what the ultimate pirate can do. The attack causes Vyse to strike an opponent with a massive bolt of lightning from his cutlass and then slash them in the shape of the skull and crossbones. He starts off the move by holding up his cutlass and saying, " Behold... " As the lighting strikes, and breaks apart the scenery, he flies forward into the cosmos, then slashes into his enemy yelling, " Pirates' Wrath!".

In the Japanese version, Vyse yells "Kore ga kuuzoku no akashi! Jorii Rojaa!", which translates to " This is the proof of the strongest air pirate! Jolly Roger! "


Pirates' Wrath is without a doubt one of the best Super Moves in the game, capable of dealing 3 times as much damage as a single Cutlass Fury. The high SP cost however makes Pirate's Wrath more suitable for boss battles than random encounters, although it is useful against high HP targets like the Dracolurg.


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