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Pow (パウ Pau?) is a Huskra that lives on Pirate Isle and appears to belong to the Dyne clan, specifically Vyse's family.


His fur is purple and white and his favorite activity is playing Hide and Seek with the island's children. Not so much a crew member as a crew mascot, Pow is in the crew because the kids of Pirate's Isle demanded Vyse to take him in as a crew member. Lindsi, Alan and Jimmy wanted to join the crew themselves, but their parents said they were too young, and so Pow joining the crew was the next best thing. In fairness to the little Huskra, he does have more pirating experience than the rest of the crew put together.

Crew Member Role[]

When used in a ship battle, Pow increases the chance of attacking first; this ability costs 4 SP to use.

During the Blue Rogues Attack, he will bark and jump back and forth across the screen, trailing a rainbow behind him before finally standing on his hind legs and barking at the player.