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Rain of Swords (エアロスマッシュ Earo Sumasshu) is the third of Vyse's Super Moves. It costs two Moonberries to learn and costs 14 SP to execute.


Rain of Swords inflicts damage on all enemies in battle equal to a normal physical attack multiplied by 1.5.[1]

During the move, Vyse's weapons glow with translucent yellow energy, drawing on the power of lightning. He releases a battle cry, jumps in the air and crosses his swords in his arms as they are repeatedly struck by lightning. He then cries "Rain of Swords!" and swings both swords in a wide arc, creating a bullet like rain of energy bolts which impact all over the battlefield with the force of cannon fire.


Although it can be obtained early on in the game with ease, the high SP cost of the move makes it difficult to actually use, so it is recommended that team be at a higher level before using Moonberries to purchase the technique. It is stronger than Aika's Lambda Burst, and is likely to be used more as the game progresses. As it is considered a physical attack, it's highly useful against Loopers as Super Moves are unavoidable.


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