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Raja is a creature that appears in the Vortex when the Delphinus's lowers the crane on a space where nothing is detected or on a spot where something is detected but the space in question does not hold the item. It resembles a manta ray.

It is one of the 5 giant monsters you must hunt down if you want the Extravagant or Sky Battle King swashbuckler rating, and to unlock the 3 secrets.

Raja can only be fought in the Delphinus.


Unlike previous ship battles, battles with the Raja take place in the dark setting of the vortex, where the darkness obstructs the player from predicting the enemy's movements. Additionally, the darkness will cause cannons and sub-cannons to miss their target easily. Players can bypass this vulnerability with magic attacks, which will generally not miss their target, and with torpedoes, which are not affected by the darkness; having Tikatika on active duty is highly recommended if you use torpedoes.


  • Luminesce

A special attack that deals electrical damage.



The word "raja" means "sting ray" in Latin.

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