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Recumen (レドキュラム Redokyuramu) is the Red Gigas, located at the Temple of Pyrynn.


Recumen was imprisoned in the Temple of Pyrynn until 4th Admiral Belleza set it free by using the Red Moon Crystal. Belleza ordered it to destroy Vyse and his friends. The Gigas' signature move 'Red Ray' almost hit them, but fortunately missed when Drachma fired his ship's cannons to knock one of Recumen's heads off balance.


In the battle, it is apparently impossible to defeat the Red Gigas with conventional damage: the best known attempt was only able to drain about half of its HP before the storyline terminated the battle. Although it usually will only execute the 'Red Ray' ability, if the player attempts to attack its feet Recumen attacks with 'Stomp', utilizing the lower extremities to damage its target. It is recommended that you always aim for the heads. Its primary attack, 'Red Ray', is an ultra focused and highly destructive beam of red energy that sweeps across the target, leaving it reeling and blazing. During the battle, although the attack is not fatal if not dodged, it will do very serious damage to the ship. It is recommended that Increm and Sacres be learned before this battle to help stave off damage. It is also highly recommended that a Secondary Cannon be obtained, as using a Secondary Cannon along with the Main Cannon will knock Recumen off balance, forcing 'Red Ray' to miss.

Red Ray can be dodged by firing the Harpoon Cannon, or the main cannons at its head(s) the turn immediately before Recumen fires the Ray. The impact of the cannons will cause Recumen's head to lose balance, causing the arc of the beam to swing wildly off target, thus allowing you to avoid its devastating effects. There will come a turn where Recumen will be able to attack twice; thus it is recommended that you use your Harpoon Cannon on the second firing opportunity rather than the first, then heal on the turn immediately following it.

The Little Jack must survive until Drachma gives the notion to devise a new plan, so dodging whenever able is the best plan of action. It is technically possible to complete the entire battle without suffering a single hit, or at least flying out of the battle with full health. Once Drachma suggests to, the player must choose to retreat and engage in battle with Admiral Belleza instead in order to force her to call off the Gigas. If the player attempts to refuse, Drachma gets short with Vyse and orders him to break off, which is why it is apparently impossible to destroy Recumen. The Lynx must be defeated in combat, which functionally defeats Recumen simultaneously.


Once you win the battle, Belleza will willingly send the Red Gigas back into the desert, where it buries itself in the sand.

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