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Robinson (ロビンソン?) is a former resident of Sailor's Island; however, he was shipwrecked in the Dark Rift during a voyage.


Robinson's time surrounded by the darkness has caused him to lose his memories. When Vyse and his crew come across Robinson, he can't even remember his name.

If Polly, his wife, is active in your crew, she will enter the wreck and remind him of his name and past. He will then join your crew.


Robinson's wreck is in the the only chamber of the Rift that has one entrance/exit. It will appear as one of the standard lit wrecks, and will be straight ahead from the chamber entrance.


His crew role is sailor. When active, he will decrease the Delphinus' SP consumption for one turn, in exchange for 8 SP.

During the Blue Rogues Attack, he remains seated as he spins closer to the screen, takes a swig from his bottle, and belches a fireball.


  • Robinson is an allusion to Robinson Crusoe, the main character of the 1719 novel of the same name.