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Shrine Island

Shrine Island (神殿島?) is a small island named for the ancient ruins that rest there. It is directly north of Pirate's Isle, and is the third location that is visited in the game, following Alfonso's ship and Pirate's Isle. It is under the domain of the Silver Moon.


Vyse, Aika, and Fina spot a Moon Stone crashing onto the island during a beautiful Moon Stone shower at sunset on the day of Fina's rescue. Deciding the opportunity is too good to pass up, Vyse and Aika set out for Shrine Island the next day in a small boat, hoping to recover the stone to use for energy. While the two are caught up in their recovery efforts on Shrine Island, Valua raids Pirate's Isle, capturing Fina, Vyse's father Dyne, and the crew of the Albatross, and laying waste anything else there.

Late in the game, the origins of the structures on Shrine Island are revealed to be part of the lost continent of Soltis, when Soltis rises from the lower skies to rejoin with its tiny remnant. It is through the old Shrine part, however, that Vyse and his crew manage to enter Soltis to take part in the final battles of the game.

As a Dungeon[]

Treasure Chests[]


Note: Random encounters will no longer occur in Shrine Island when it is revisited at endgame.

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