The Silver Moon is one of the six known moons in Skies of Arcadia.


The Silver Moon is situated in the centre-south-eastern sky and shines down over Pirate Isle and Soltis. The Silver Moon holds the power of silver Magic, associated with Life and Death.

The Silver Moon is potentially the most powerful moon of the six Arcadian moons, as evidenced by giving birth to the most advanced technology in Arcadia, the most powerful Gigas, Arcadia's strongest warrior (Ramirez), the most powerful weapon (Final Cupil), and having absolute control over life and death. The last point is important because every other Magic type has a fundamental requirement to be used: that the target is still alive (or at least conscious). Silver Magic is the only magic that directly controls the aspect of life and death itself, essentially given it control over the other Magic types, which would also explain the power of Zelos. Silver moon stones and the Silver Crystal came from the Silver Moon.