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Sinistra and Destra are the tenth boss in the game and the boss of Daccat's Island. Both resemble rocky heads with crystals that correspond to their element color.

As a Boss[]

In-battle, both Sinistra and Destra are identical in terms of stats and abilities, the only difference being their element affiliation: Sinistra is red-affiliated, while Destra is purple-affiliated

HP Attack Defense Vigor Will Magic Defense Quick Agile Hit Percent Dodge Percent
4621 256 275 91 88 275 99 10 90 20

Both enemies can use the following battle commands:

  • Attack: A standard physical attack.
  • Engage: This ability does nothing, except warn the party that the enemies will use Death Waltz on the next turn.
  • Death Waltz: Both enemies spin around the party. At the pinnacle of their spin, the two join together and come crashing down, inflicting damage on the party. This ability is only usable if both Sinistra and Destra are present in battle.
  • Explosion: Used by Sinistra. Sinistra breathes a stream of fire that triggers a fiery explosion, inflicting damage on the party.
  • Tundra Blast: Used by Destra. Destra breathes a stream of icy cold air, causing the area around the party to freeze over and shatter, inflicting damage on all of them.

When defeated the two enemies combined yield 4,745 EXP, 3,180 Gold and a single guaranteed Icyl Seed and Magus Seed. Their defeat will also allow the party access to "Daccat's Treasure".


The best thing to do is change everyone's weapons to red or purple, depending on the target, and attack one of the heads at a time. Sinistra and Destra's Death Waltz deals a large amount of damage, but can only be used if both of them are in battle. Since both heads are identical in almost every way, it doesn't matter which head is defeated first; the battle will become a lot easier once one of the two has been defeated.

The most effective attacks are Vyse's Cutlass Fury and Gilder's Gunslinger, especially if buffed with Increm. Aika and Fina should either Focus to gain Spirit Points or heal the party with Sacrum magic (or Sacrum Crystal items); every member of the party should be kept above 1,200~ health until either Sinistra or Destra are dead to avoid being knocked unconscious by Death Waltz.


  • In Italian, Sinistra means "left" and Destra means "right".
  • Destra and Sinistra may be represented by the pendant Aika wears around her neck.
  • Destra and Sinistra wear markings matching the number of dots on the magic circles of the red and purple spells respectively.
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