The Sky Anemone is one of the discoveries in Skies of Arcadia.


A bizarre creature that lives its entire life attached to a rock, stretching its tentacles out and waiting for prey to float by. It releases a sweet fragrance to attract fish, but larger ones have been known to endanger small ships.


Another Discovery which Domingo is expressly hunting, it is often difficult to find given that it is in the South Ocean. One method that seems to work well is to alter the first passing across the south ocean to use the islands (and tornados) as waypoints, traveling from island to island to tornado to island. If the player uses only the southernmost landmarks in South ocean for this method, they will not only pass directly over this discovery, but will find Beak Rock as well. It is located close to the southern rift and is attached to a large rock, east of Beak Rock.

If you look at your map, your ship should be dead center on the line of the second row of squares from the bottom of the map.  7 squares from the left, 8 squares from the right, 2nd row of squares from the bottom, right on the line just under the words on the map.  Island is medium sized, not a tiny floating rock, not very big though, and it has some green on the tip of it.

If Discovery hunting in South Ocean is not a pleasant prospect, but the player still wants to get the discovery information whether or not Domingo gets it first, the player can head north when you reach the Lands of Ice to find the island with ease, or the player can wait until the end of the game when Soltis has risen, at which point all sky rifts vanish, and the South Ocean headwinds die down.