Soltis (Atlantia in the Japanese version) is the lost continent located in the Mid Ocean near Pirate's Isle. Naturally, it is under the domain of the Silver Moon.


Soltis is where the final events of the game take place, and ironically, also where the game starts (referencing the properties of the Silver Moon itself). Vyse and his crew enter into the continent through Shrine Island.


Soltis consists of three areas, each with a separate set of enemies players will encounter.


Soltis MazeEdit

Soltis TowerEdit


  • The Japanese name for Soltis, Atlantia, is reminiscent of the mythical lost continent of Atlantis. This similarity in names is intentional, as Soltis is also a "lost continent."
  • Its shape is vaguely looks like Atlantis, with the shield raised, from Stargate Atlantis.
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