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The South Ocean shown on a map of Arcadia

The South Ocean[]

"Listen up, boy.  This area is known as South Ocean.  It's considered to be on of the most difficult places to sail through." -Drachma

The South Ocean is a treacherous stretch of seemingly unnavigable sky in the southern hemisphere of Arcadia. The South Ocean is flanked by thick sky reefs to the North and South, making the area a sort of funnel beginning just south-west of Esparanza on Victory Cape and running far west into the lands of Ixa'taka. One glance reveals the South Ocean's unforgiving traits: Massive cyclones accompanied by a constant gale force crosswind. It would be easy to come to the assumption that the South Ocean is an impassable stretch of sky, but Vyse and crew would prove that assumption wrong. Having previously brought down Admiral Belleza's flagship in a battle over the Temple of Pyrynn, Vyse and crew took parts from the downed flagship, including its powerful engine, which would be put into the Little Jack. Fitted with the new Valuan engine, Vyse believed that the Little Jack could make a successful attempt at the South Ocean. After a harrowing journey through one of the most unforgiving sections of sky, Vyse and crew make safe landfall on the continent of Ixa'taka, becoming the first airship crew to successful navigate the South Ocean.

Locations, Discoveries and Monsters[]

There are no notable locations in the South Ocean but there are four discoveries to be found; Sky Anemone, Beak Rock, Comma Rock and finally Ixa'taka, which will be found automatically upon entry into Ixa'takan airspace.

As for enemies encountered in the South Ocean, the start of South Ocean contains, Loopalons and Gravers, whereas the end of South Ocean contains Eloopers and Gravers.