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Super Moves (必殺技 hissatsu waza?) (abbreviated S. Move in the game's battle interface) are powerful abilities that each of the playable characters can learn and then utilize during battles.


Super moves differ from Magic in that, while they still consume Spirit Points, they cost no MP to execute and they are learned by obtaining and using Moonberries. Each super move requires a certain number of Moonberries to be consumed by the appropriate character for the move to be unlocked. Also unlike Magic, each character has his or her own unique set of personalized super moves that are more tailored to their specific style of fighting.

In addition to super moves, after Vyse recruits all Crew Members, Crew Sp. Moves become available to use during battle. These consume ALL Spirit Points and take up each character's turn to perform a single but impressively powerful attack for that round.

List of Super Moves[]

Below is a list of each character's Super Moves and the Crew Sp. Moves from Skies of Arcadia.







Crew Sp.[]