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The Swirlmerang is one of Aika's boomerangs.



A special item for people on the Net. Will always confuse enemies without fail.


Received from the imposter, Anita. Will always confuse any enemy not immune to confuse.

Weapon information[]

It increases her Attack by 100 and has a hit percentage of 200. It is guaranteed to inflict confusion on any enemy not immune to the effect. It can be sold for 11111 Gold. The Swirlmerang resembles a large lollypop with an orange swirl in the center, resembling the Dreamcast’s logo.

In the remake, it is dropped by Anita. In the original Dreamcast game, the Swirlmerang is one of two downloadable weapons in the game (the Tuna Cutlass is the other); once downloaded, it can be purchased from the Mysterious Merchant for 22222G.

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