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Tenkou Island[]

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Tenkou Island is a series of islands (joined together architecturally) located north of Yafutoma.  Princess Moegi along with Vyse and crew escape there after Kangan and Muraji betray King Mikado.


The island serves as a vanish point for Prince Daigo, but he quickly turned it into the base of operations for the Tenkou (faction). After Valua invades Yafutoma, Vyse and crew along with Prince Daigo and the Tenkou mount an attack from there.


Tenkou (enemy)

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  • Tenkou Island seems to resemble a Shaolin temple of the Mount Hua, which suits Jao and Mao as they appear to resemble shaolin monks.
  • Hamachous are first encountered here.
  • Tenkou Island is the first location visited by Vyse and crew that is above the clouds.