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The Giant Throne is the 22nd discovery that Vyse can make. It is located in the North Ocean.


An enormous rock formation that looks like a rocking chair. The claw marks on its surface have given rise to many stories -- some speak of a giant green creature that once perched here, or of a hairy beast that was lulled to sleep by the rocking motion.


Fairly simple to find. As soon as you have passed through the great net, follow the wind wall to the east until you see an island on the left. On your map, look for the wind wall that separates the area from Sailor's Island and follow it north until you see the island - on your map, there are 3 words written alongside the wind wall, the island is level with the top of the second word. Hard to miss when you're moving up.

It's on a decent sized gray rock island.  If the vertical rows of squares on your map were labeled A-N and the horizontal rows 1-12, your ship would need to be just left of the center of square E-4.