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The Golden Man is one of the two discoveries necessary locate the Lost City of Rixis, and advance the storyline. A glowing stone, called the Golden Man's Eye, is "obtained" by Aika during the discovery of this statue. This stone is needed enter Rixis because, until The Golden Man is found, the Gates of Rixis discovery will remain invisible.


A golden statue that stands quietly, as if pointing something out. It is thought to have been placed here to protect the sacred land. Male statues are often found in temples and other buildings, while female status are found near holy lakes and trees.


The Golden Man is one of the easiest discoveries to make if the player knows where to look. It is next to the King's Hideout atop the spire mountain barely two ships lengths to the west (left). It is on the western (left) side of the circular top of this mountain, overlooking the ravine that separates western and eastern Ixa'taka.