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The Giant Bird is a discovery which is pointed to by The Golden Man.

The Great Bird discovery is necessary to continue the storyline and until it is found, the Gates of Rixis will remain invisible. An item "obtained" during this discovery is needed to enter the Lost City of Rixis.


The wings and tail of the Great Bird are said to indicate the equinoxes of the ancient Ixa'takan verdilunar calendar. Figures of other animals once dotted the plain, but they have been swallowed by the expanding forest, leaving only the Bird.


It lies imprinted on an otherwise empty field, surrounded by forests. It is South of the Spire mountains located in northwest Ixa'taka, on the border of the large lake with a waterfall falling into it from somewhere in upper sky. It is visible before discovered, so it should be fairly obvious once reached. Once discovered - if the player looks on the World Map for the location of the King's Hideout, then you will see a small arrow-shaped patch, just above what resembles a marking of the letter "h" on your map, directly vertical of Moon Stone Mountain. After discovering The Great Bird, Aika will "discover" a gem set into the eye of the bird. This stone is then discovered to be used to gain entry into The Lost City of Rixis.