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Tortigar (ディーゴ Dīgo) is the fourteenth boss in the game and the boss of Mount Kazai. It resembles a large, white, turtle-like creature and is a blue-affiliated enemy. It is one of the more frustrating bosses in the game due to the fact it can completely render itself invulnerable for an entire turn and knows Sacrulen.


As with most bosses in Skies of Arcadia, virtually no backstory is provided in regards to the origins of Tortigar. It can be assumed though that it has been guarding the Blue Moon Crystal deep within Mt. Kazai for some time (much like the bosses that guarded the other Moon Crystals, such as the Rokwyrm). Tortigar may be a deity like creature similar to the Ryuguu turtle.

As a boss[]

Stats and Abilities[]

HP Attack Defense Vigor Will Magic Defense Quick Agile Hit Percent Dodge Percent
10865 368 358 179 434 358 74 10 90 5

In-battle, Tortigar can use the following battle commands:

  • Attack: A physical attack that has a chance of inflicting stone on the target.
  • Ice Storm: Tortigar breathes a stream of icy cold air, causing the area around the party to freeze over and shatter, inflicting damage on all of them.
  • Steelskin: Tortigar's body becomes metallic and gains immunity to all forms of attack during that turn, with sole exception of the Prophecy. This ability is always the first to occur in a round, regardless of Quick rating.

When defeated, Tortigar yields 6 Magic Experience, 4,350 gold, and a Moonlight Robe. Defeating it also allows access to the Blue Moon Crystal.


The best way about defeating this boss is to use focus for 3 of your chars until you max out your SP to use Prophecy since it dishes out the most damage. Using Fina's Lunar Blessing in the beginning is a good strategy for bosses and Tortigar is no exception, but keep in mind that his attack causes Stone which will negate regeneration on the character it affects. Use Aika's Delta Shield to defend against Wevlen if your party is clumped together, or Enrique's Justice Shield which cuts all damage received by the party in half, useful if Tortigar is using Ice Storm a lot.  If it uses Sacrulen, don't worry because it only heals it so much.  Heal your allies with your green magic user if needed.

Tortigar appears to always use Sacrulen at least once during the first five turns. His use of Sacrulen and Steelskin generally winds down as the battle drags on.

Because Tortigar is vulnerable to Stone, another strategy is to use Fina's Lunar Glyph on any turn that it is not already petrified, in order to prevent it from using Steelskin or Sacrulen for several turns.

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