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Totelms (マヌー Manū) are enemies that resemble totem poles. They are red-affiliated and are one of few enemies without any palette swap counterparts.

In-battle, a Totelm can use the following battle commands:

  • Attack: A standard physical attack.
  • Assessing Damage: This ability does nothing.

When defeated, Totelms yield 120 EXP, 66 Gold and have a 1% chance of dropping a Magus Seed. They are fought throughout Rixis.

Of the monsters encountered in Rixis, Totelms are quite literally the low man on the totem pole, with all but one of its stats being outclassed by another enemy in the area. It does have the highest Quick rating, although it is only slightly faster than the comparably tough Ferlith.

Like a lot of the weaker monsters in the game, Totelms tend to attack in large numbers, although Aika's Lambda Burst can easily wipe out a group of them (despite the Totelm's resistance to Red-based attacks).

HP Attack Defense Vigor Will Magic Defense Quick Agile Hit Percent Dodge Percent
65 150 192 64 76 192 129 15 100 15

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