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Treasures are valuable items that are meant to be sold for large amounts of gold, but are otherwise serve no other use to the player.

Gold Items[]

Gold Pollen[]

Gold Pollen (黄金の花粉 Ougon no Kafun) has a 2% chance of being dropped by the Kanezl monsters fought throughout the Frontier Lands airspace. It has a resale value of 5,000 gold.

Gold Bullion[]

Gold Bullion (おおきな金塊 Ookina Kinkai) is a more valuable version of Gold Pollen. In both version of the game, the Roc will drop a Gold Bullion if Osman is an active crew member at the time of its defeat. In the remake, two more can be obtained after feeding 17 Moonfish to Maria's pet Hamachou. Gold Bullions have a resale value of 10,000 gold.

Zivilyn Bane Treasures[]

Zivilyn Bane Treasures are valuable treasure sought by Zivilyn Bane. They are found in certain treasure chests after defeating the Zivilyn Bane guarding it.

Rune of Ill Omen[]

The Rune of Ill Omen (伝説のパピルス Densetsu no Papirusu) is found in the Temple of Pyrynn. It has a resale value of 1,000 gold.

Golden Mask[]

The Golden Mask ( 伝説の石仮面 Densetsu no Ishi Kamen) is found in Rixis. It has a resale value of 2,000 gold.

Soul Crystal[]

The Soul Crystal (伝説のパズル Densetsu no Pazuru) is found on Vyse's side of Daccat's Island . It has a resale value of 3,000 gold.

Unholy Dagger[]

The Unholy Dagger (伝説の階級章 Densetsu no Kaikyuushou) is found in the Grand Fortress harbour. Because the Grand Fortress cannot be revisited at a later point, this treasure is permanently missable. It has a resale value of 4,000 gold.

Chalice of Blood[]

The Chalice of Blood (伝説のバイオリン Densetsu no Baiorin) is found in one of the shipwrecks in the Dark Rift. It has a resale value of 5,000 gold.

Windsong Orb[]

The Windsong Orb (伝説の雀牌 Densetsu no Janpai) is found in Mount Kazai. It has a resale value of 6,000 gold.

Winter Orb[]

The Winter Orb(伝説のユタンポ Densetsu no Yutanpo) is found in Glacia. It has a resale value of 7,000 gold.

Orb of Serenity[]

The Orb of Serenity (伝説を受け継ぐ器 Densetsu no Uketsugu Utsuwa) is found in a room near the end of Soltis. In Skies of Arcadia Legends, the chest is guarded by the wanted enemy Lord Bane. It has a resale value of 10,000 gold.

Pinata's Idol[]

In the Gamecube version the Magillex, Euconyx and Pharax idols are without a use and can be sold or kept.

The Magillex Idol[]

"One of the three lost sacred figurines that Pinta is looking for." - Flavour Text

The Magillex Idol is aquired from the Moonfish sidequest after feeding Maria's pet 14 moonfish. It can be sold for 25,000 Gold.

The Euconyx Idol[]

"" - Flavour Text

The Euconyx Idol is aquired from the Moonfish sidequest after feeding Maria's pet 20 moonfishIt can be sold for 25,000 Gold (untested)

The Pharax Idol[]

"" - Flavour Text

The Pharax Idol is aquired from Daikokuya in the Lands of IceIt can be sold for 25,000 Gold (untested)