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The Tuna Cutlass is one of the many weapons Vyse can wield.


A smelly weapon. A special item for people on the Net. Boasts high attack power, but low accuracy.

A smelly weapon. Received from the imposter, Vize. Boasts high attack power, but low accuracy.

Original Japanese: まぐろかとらす Maguro Katorasu
Attack: 150 | Hit%: 0

Weapon information[]

The Tuna Cutlass resembles a dagger and a fish.

In the original Dreamcast game, the Tuna Cutlass is one of two downloadable "joke" weapons in the game (the Swirlmerang is the other). In the remake, it is dropped by Vize after defeating the trio of imposters in Nasrad. 

It can be sold for 22222 gold.

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