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Valgand is a type of monster that resemble a mechanical stalagmite. They are Purple-element enemies and are one of few enemies without any palette swap counterparts.

Valgand only has one attack option:

  • Attack

When defeated, they yield 273 EXP, 132 Gold and have a 2% chance of dropping a Chom, making them the only enemies in the game to drop them. Valgands are fought in the Land of Ice Airspace and within Glacia.

In both areas, Valgand is the fastest enemy among its allies, so it is posible to have a group of them to get in their hits before the party can dispatch them. In the Land of Ice, they also have the highest Defense rating, but weaker Magic Defense and less HP than the Medulizk; in Glacia their Defense quickly becomes surpassed by the Frost Worm's by quite a large margin.


Name Element HP Attack Defense Vigor Will Magic Defense Quick Agile Hit Percent Dodge Percent
Valgand Purple 188 282 325 98 118 266 199 25 95 25

Japanese Name[]

English Name Japanese Name Meaning
Valgand Varugando Same as English