The Valua-Nasr War is an event referred to numerous times throughout the events of Skies of Arcadia. It took place a number of years before the game's beginning and resulted in a good deal of destruction on both sides. The war is mention by various characters during the game.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Belleza's Relation to the War[edit | edit source]

While disguised as Bellena, Belleza reveals her father was in the armada like her. However, he fought in the Valua-Nasr war and died. This could be what caused her to join the armada: revenge. She is the one who tries to obtain the Red Moon Crystal, making it seem as though she wants to control Nasr's power.

Esparanza[edit | edit source]

One or two people in Esparanza, at some point during the game, mention that Valua left Esparanza shortly after the war started. This is probably due to the fact they were failing to traverse the Dark Rift and needed as many ships as they possibly could.

Strain on Relations[edit | edit source]

While Valua allows Nasr merchants to enter their city, Valua plans a handful of attacks on Nasr during the game's events. Not only that, but the Nasr military seems unafraid of anyone, being overly confident in their natural defenses and navy, although they always seem worried about the threat of Valuan invasion. Khazim specifically wanted to shoot down Valuan ships with his cannon while in Nasrad, before the party even learns of Valua's attack plans. However, letting their guard down is what ultimately damns the whole nation when Ramirez's fleet arrives with new powerful engines, and burns Nasrad to the ground.

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