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Empress Teodora and the admirals of the Valuan Armada.

The Valuan Armada, commanded by Lord Galcian, is the main army of the Valuan Empire. The secondary leadership of the Armada is split between five, and later six, other admirals.


During Skies of Arcadia, the Valuan Armada and those who command it serve as the primary antagonists. The names of the high-rank officials of the Armada come from the Spanish language, including Ramirez, and their ships are all named after earth's constellations. When Galcian leaves Valua, nearly all of the Armada joins him, and with Galcian's death, the Armada is left in shambles, with only a few Valuan ships patrolling their usual territories.

Admirals of the Armada wear a pair of long ribbon-like extensions from hooks in their armor, with the exception of Alfonso, who wears three shorter ribbons from the left shoulder pad of his military uniform, and Ramirez. These seem to be removed when the Admiral promotes to Lord Admiral, as seen in Ramirez's flashback when Galcian was an Admiral and bore the extensions from his armor and had them placed on his black cloak after becoming Lord Admiral.

Vice admirals wear much shorter ribbons from the front of their shoulder pads. Officers of the armada wear a distinctive plate on their left arm along with chest armor.



Unlike the armed forces of other, less advanced countries, Valua's military fielded both technologically advanced war tanks and armored automatons equipped with firearms. The Valuan navy was also more advanced, with its ships being armor plated and equipped with multiple rotating cannons.



The Valuan Navy contains numerous ships of varying classes:

Light Ships:

Medium ships:

Heavy Ships:


Originally, the only fortress guarding Valua was its Grand Fortress, a singular rotating gate dotted with cannons guarding the inner city of Valua. During his tenure as Lord Admiral, Galcian had commissioned the Hydra, a mobile sky fortress, for his forces. Empress Teodora ordered the Hydra cancelled due to its magnitude, but Galcian continued to construct it in secret, eventually completing it and sending it out against the Pirate Alliance led by Vyse.