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A Valuan Cruiser guarding the Grand Fortress

The Valuan Cruiser is a light class of ship in the Valuan Armada.


The Valuan Cruiser is encountered by Vyse and his crew when they attack the Grand Fortress.


The Valuan Cruiser carries only two standard cannons as its armament.

  • Standard Cannon
The Standard Cannon has an attack of 110, a range of 0, and a hit chance of 80%.
  • Subcannon
The Subcannon has an attack of 90, a range of 2, and a hit chance of 90%.


Name HP Defense Will Magic Defense Quick Agile Dodge Percent
Valuan Cruiser 10000 25 30 15 30 5 10


Upon defeat, the Valuan Cruiser gives out 690 EXP, 500 Gold, and drops a Repair Kit (100%).

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