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Veltarn is the boss of Glacia. It resembles a robotic creature and is a purple element enemy with 10,801 HP.


Veltarn can use the following abilities:

  • Attack: A physical attack that has a chance of inflicting confusion on the target.
  • Avalauncher: Veltarn fires a violet-colored laser that covers the area in front of it in purple ice that subsequently shatters, damaging all party members caught in the line of fire.
  • Death Laser: Veltarn fires a light blue-colored laser that inflicts a small amount of damage on a single target, provided its chance of inflicting instant death does not kick in.


When defeated, Veltarn yields 3,357 EXP, 6,491 gold, and a Crystalen Box. Defeating it also allows access to the room where Vyse and crew will be reunited with an old friend.

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