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Vice Captains are high-ranking Valuan soldiers who serve as second-in-commands to the admirals of the Armada. They have more elaborate armor than the common soldiers and never appear in the game as enemies to be fought.

Alfonso's First Vice Captain[]

Perhaps the most well-known vice captain is Alfonso's first vice captain. He is seen alongside the admiral on the unnamed Valuan Battleship carrying an unconscious Fina after she is brought onboard. After making the preparations for Alfonso's escape, the cowardly admiral reveals his intentions of sacrificing the vice captain to prevent the empress from learning that "he lost the ship in a fair fight". The vice captain is last seen being thrown overboard and falling to his doom.

However, the ship and it's crew were later released and returned to Valua where they filed a "full and accurate report" to Galcian, likely mentioning the vice captain's murder. As punishment, Alfonso is relieved of his position as Commander of the Mid Ocean fleet and confined to Ixa'taka.

This vice captain wears beige armor.

Alfonso's Second Vice Captain[]

Later, Alfonso is shown to have another vice captain (referred to in-game as "New Vice Captain") who appears alongside him onboard The Cygnus. He shows concern about the injuries Alfonso received at Moonstone Mountain after his warbeast fell on top of him, to which Alfonso angrily tells him not to mention the incident again. After the green gigas is summoned and destroys one of the fleet's battleships, Alfonso hastily orders a retreat, despite the vice captain citing that the battle had only just started; ultimately the fleet retreats and the new vice captain is not seen further.

Naturally, this vice captain has the same beige-colored armor as his predecessor.

De Loco's Vice Captain[]

This vice captain is almost always seen alongside De Loco and is always present to try and get the admiral to come to his senses whenever he passes out from one of his temper tantrums. The vice captain is last seen onboard the Chameleon during it's final confrontation in Deep Sky; he presumably perishes along with De Loco when the ship explodes.

This vice captain wears green armor.


Ramirez is first seen as Galcian's vice captain before Galcian requests Empress Teodora for his promotion to sixth admiral; this is easily granted by the Empress without further consideration.