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This diagram shows the location of Fina's ship and the Velorium. The unmarked spaces represent a potential battle with Raja.

The Vortex is an giant maelstrom located near Shrine Island that leads to deep skies, often called "Land of Dead". It was created by the sinking of Soltis by the Silvite civilization.


The player can reach The Vortex when the Delphinus gains the ability to fly above and below the clouds but cannot enter it until after Brabham modifies the engines for deep submersion by using the blueprints stolen from De Loco on Dangral Island.

The view of the Delphinus as it enters the Vortex.

Vyse and his party enter the Vortex to find Fina's ship, which was knocked down by Alfonso in the opening cinematic of the game. For this purpose the Delphinus has been equipped with a moonstone sonar, which will ping off objects buried beneath the silt of the ocean floor. The sonar map appears as an 8x9 square grid on your screen; sending out a sonar ping will reveal possible objects within a 3x3 grid. However as the sonar uses a lot of energy it can only be used ten times before it runs out, if this happens the Delphinus has to re-surface in order to recharge it.

De Loco is also in Deep Sky researching access to Soltis and Vyse will be forced to fight him a final time before he can retrieve Fina's ship.


  • While descending into The Vortex, Soltis can be seen through the wind storms, at the bottom of Deep Sky.
  • The two pieces of Velorium necessary to make the Vorlik Blade can be found here.
  • This is the only place where it is possible to fight Raja, who is encountered if the Delphinus' crane is lowered in the wrong space.