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The Wandering Lake is a discovery due east of Maramba. You can't miss it when heading to the temple of Pyrynn.


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The truth behind the story of the disappearing lake is even stranger- temperature differences make a large bowl of rock float above the desert sands, holding a lake of clear water. Once the water cools off, it settles downward again.
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The wandering lake is absurdly easy to find. Unless the player does not realize that it is a discovery and never actually aproaches it, it is almost inevetable that it will be discovered. The wandering lake is a water filled, medium size island spiraling around lazily in the southern area of the main Nasr desert, just north of Maramba. Traveling directly north from Maramba to the Temple of Pyrynn will take the player right by this discovery, and they may actually need to alter the course of the ship in order to not run into it in a literal sense. It is located near the Black Pirate vessel which is an optional Ship to Ship combat enemy.