And this "beast" on my shoulder here is Willy.-Gilder introduces Willy to Vyse.

Oh baby! Oh baby!-Willy on the bridge of The Claudia.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

Willy is a nonplayable characther In Skies of Arcadia, he fulfills the archtype of the "parrot and pirate" and is ussualy close by Gilder's side. Gilder considers Willy a companion as well as a member of his crew, the same as any of his human counterparts.

Wiily helping Gilder and Vyse brake out of Valua.

Willy is instrumental in Vyse's (and party) second scape from Valua

Appearence[edit | edit source]

Willy does not resemble a regular parrot, he appears to have traits from different birds like a toucan's beak, canary legs, and a roosters crest. He also wears pilot's skullcap and goggles and a red ascot.

Willy as he appears in Eternal Arcadia.

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