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Yeligar (イェラーガ Yerāga) is the Yellow Gigas that was imprisoned beneath Valua.


Yeligar is a monstrous creature with four appendages. It was imprisoned in the Maw of Tartas in Valua due to its immense power, and remained there in sleep until Vyse navigated its underground passage and unintentionally woke it, leading to a battle over the lands of Valua after it broke the seal.

Unlike the other Gigas, Yeligar was never separated from its Yellow Moon Crystal in the first place because it was deemed too powerful even for Silvite Mages and was simply sealed off as a result. It's slightly ironic that Yeligar wasn't awoken by all the explosions and cannon fire from above the seal when Valua tried to break through (though it could possibly be magically enhanced to prevent that), but all the Delphinus had to do was approach it from below.


The Yellow Gigas has two special attacks:

  • Voltigar - The spikes on the ends of its tentacles glow, charging a beam of electricity which is fired at its target.
  • Photon Charge - Its back sparks, before firing lightning balls up into the sky, landing upon the target.

Yeligar also has its strongest move, 'Thunder Crash', which is only executed if the Moon Stone Cannon isn't fired beforehand. The attack will knock the player off balance and leave them with the worse of the two turns.


Upon its destruction, Yeligar crashes to the ground, leaving the Yellow Moon Crystal in a crater in its wake. Yeligar also yields a Captain's Stripe and the Thunder Cutlass, a cutlass for Vyse made from Yeligar's hardened skin that is claimed to be able to cut through lightning.

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